Matte Black Side Mirror Cover Guard Trim Compatible With Honda Civic FC FK TYPE R 2016-2020 RS VTi-LX VTi-L VTi-S VTi Car

Brand: TUNEZ

Product Code: HCVCM01

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Honda civic mirror cover

Mirror Covers
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Post-installation Photos

 Post-installation Photos

All buyers, kindly note:

  • Place aftermarket cover over factory side mirror and thoroughly examine the positioning of your part, making sure it is centered and matches the curvature of the mounting surface.
  • Clean (with alcohol if necessary) and dry surface for aftermarket cover to stick properly.
  • Use a heat gun and blow on the factory side mirror surface where the aftermarket cover will mount.
  • Peel off the 3M tape backing and blow the tape (the sticky part) with a heat gun.
  • Carefully position the aftermarket cover and stick them onto factory side mirror.
  • Apply pressure for about 30 seconds on all mounting places and it's done!


Make and model
  • Honda Civic (10th Generation, FC/FK), Year 2017-2021.
  • RS / Type R / VTi / VTi-L / VTi-LX / VTi-S


  • Made from flexible ABS plastic.
  • 3M double sided tape provided.
  • Matte black