Cake Art Craft Decorating Airbrush and Compressor Kit Spray Gun 25 psi 1.8 bar

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Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit:

Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit creating stunning cake decorations is easy with the airbrush compressor kit. Beautiful cake decorations are much easier to attempt with this fun yet easy to use kit. Think of your icing as your canvas and food colouring as your paint and you'll be painting Picasso-esque cake decorations in no time! You'll love the fantastic results you'll be able to achieve with this machine and a little practice.

The Cake Decorating and Make-Up Airbrush Kit with Compressor offers an almost constant flow to allow a smoother application of colour, letting you focus on intricate details without the need to fiddle with complicated controls. Controlled, broad sweeps are simple, even for a novice.

Cake Decorating & Make-Up Airbrush Kit with Compressor 5 Speed air compressor with air pressure up to 25psi/1.8 bar. 5 LED air compressor speed indicators Used with food colouring to decorate flawless designs. Adjustable airbrush pen with trigger to control liquid flow and density.

Cake Decorating Airbrusher Kit Colour Air Brusher Pressure 25 PSI 1.8 BARCake Decorating Airbrusher Kit Colour Air Brusher Pressure 25 PSI 1.8 BAR

Cake Spray Spraying on Decorating Airbrusher Kit Colour Air Brusher Pressure 25 PSI 1.8 BAR maintenance details

Cake Spray Spraying on Decorating Airbrusher Kit Colour Air Brusher Pressure 25 PSI 1.8 BAR Packing list

Main functions:
Used with the airbrush (diameter0.3-0.5mm), widely been used in range of art painting, cake painting, make up industrial etc.

1. With AC adapter, DC12V
2. With 5 adjustable speed
3. LED light indicator for on and off

Technical Data:
Power: DC12V
Max output/min: 15L/min
Voltage input: 12V
Current input: 0.8A
Max pressure: 25PSI/1.8BAR
Working style: Continuous
Speed: 5 adjustable speed
Product size: 145mm * 110mm * 57mm

Gravity feed top mounted 2cc colour cup
Less air pressure required to operate
Needle/ Nozzle diameter 0.4mm (approximate)
Constant air flow : 16 L/min
Easy to maintain
Chrome plated - easier to clean
Technical - internal mix (Air/Paint mix inside airbrush giving a fine dot spray pattern)

5 pressure settings
Very quiet in use
Max pressure 25 PSI
Power : 10W
Current : less than 1000MA

1. Elegant design with patent right.
2. Motor with high power and stability tested.
3. Minimum noise for a better working environment.
4. Adjustable speed control at 5 levels, you can use it freely and easily at different requirements without the need to fiddle with complicated controls.

How to use:
1. Connect with power adapter and turn it ON, air brusher is ready to use.
2. Touch the main button for 3 seconds, you will see the blue indicator light on, it’s the Min speed. Touch the button for 1s to adjust the pressure from Min to Max.
3. The speed control is in cycle mode. Pressing the same button for 1s, the pressure will reduce from Max to Min.
4. Turn OFF airbrush by pressing on the main button for 3 seconds.
5. It works well with either single or dual action airbrush gun.
6. The airbrush compressor unit can also be used for make up

1. The compressor should be put in dry, clean and ventilates place
2. This is not a toys for children
3. The compressor’s ambient temperature should be in 0~40 Celsius and don’t exposure under sunlight.
4. Don't change the MODE level Quickly.
5. Always place your airbrush to the holder when you are not using it.

1 x Compressor
1 x Airbrush Pen
1 x Tube
1 x Pen Holder
1 x Mini Spanner
1 x Colouring Applicator
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual (English)