Air Flow Hose Silicone Induction Kit For Land Rover Freelander V6 Throttle Body

Brand: TUNEZ

Product Code: SLRF01

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According to our supplier, this is an air flow meter intake hose silicone hose for your Land Rover Discovery II Td5. However, we have received many queries from Disco II owners that this design wouldn't fit a Td5 engine. We would greatly appreciate if Land Rover owners could shed some light on this. Cheers :)

Updated (19 July 2016): According to one of our readers that e-mailed us, "This hose is for a Freelander V6. I know this because I have worked as a Land Rover mechanic for 9 years. This pipe joins the throttle body to the hard plastic top cover/cross over pipe. The 2 small outlets are for the rocket cover breather and the idle air bypass valve. Highly sought after because the standard hose swells due to oil soaking into it".

*Note : This is Grade A silicone hose, don't risk your engine with Grade B hose. Most products out there are Grade B.


Fits: Land Rover Discovery II Td5 (Year 1998-2004), Updated: Freelander V6 (Year 1997-2006)

Material: Made from 100% genuine high quality silicone resin

Polyester layering: 3-ply throughout the hose

Colour: Black (Other colours depending on stock availability, kindly check with us)