Payment Options

Internet banking transfer (preferred payment method)
• Pay from any bank in Australia via internet banking.
• Please insert your order # (i.e. provided in the checkout e-mail) into "To Account Description” field. This will help us identify your payment.

Direct deposit
Make payment over-the-counter at any of your local Westpac Bank branches. The following details are provided in the checkout e-mail.
• BSB number (XXX-XXX) of bank location
• Account number (XXXX XXXX)
• Date of transaction
• Payable amount
Please insert your order # (i.e. provided in the checkout e-mail) into "Reference” field. This will help us identify your payment.

Simple and straight forward. Simply follow the step-by-step instruction during checkout for making payment.

Credit card payment
You can choose to pay using your Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card via Paypal without having to register for a Paypal account and yet you get the benefits of Paypal buyer protection.
• It is also secure as Paypal processes the transaction.

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